Is This The Collapse of The Living World?

The Rise Of The Machines Is Here.

Droid Killer is the definitive Sci-Fi Metal experience based in Antarctica, chronicling the human/machine war apocalypse in real time... 

The glaciers of Antarctica are melting unleashing something that has been frozen and imprisoned in subterranean ice. 

An extraterrestrial horror has arisen upon spaceship Earth where Humans have been enslaved by technology and reprogrammed as bio mechanical automatons.  Resistance is rising as the machine war apocalypse commences.  Soulless death machines battle to eradicate conscious life. Armageddon! 

The saga begins with Droid Killer's debut EP, The Hive.  This Death Metal cult classic is the beginning of an epic tale that transports you into a future world at the onset of the battle and brings us to the newest installment of the Droid Killer saga, the forthcoming full length album, The Terminator vs. The Preacher.  Is life doomed to be enslaved by sentient machines or will a lone stranger from the past rise up and save us all?  

The question has been pondered since the dawn of time. Where did we come from? What is Human? Bio-cyborgs? What are the boundaries of consciousness? Where is the soul located and at what point does the synthetic take over the organic?  What exactly makes something a living being? 

So many questions and so many answers, but, what is the truth?  

These are the topics of our exploration and this is the story as life and time move fulfilling prophecy.   

Droid Killer is a fresh take on Metal.  Death Metal that is fun and stimulates thought is back.  Droid Killer brings the gravity and sonic force of Doom Metal into the mix for the ultimate sonic experience.   

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