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The Preacher Is Making An Official Book Tour Appearance! 

The Preacher is making an appearance in Virginia City to meet YOU and sign your books and Droid Killer merch for the Territorial Enterprise's special 4th of July weekend event. Get your finest old west and steam punk attire together and return to the wild west in historic Virginia City, on location for Droid Killer's historic science fiction novel The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins. Meet The Preacher at the historic Territorial Enterprise office (Territorial Enterprise, the newspaper Mark Twain got his start at), Book Signing, Droid Killer books and merch sales. This is a unique, once in a lifetime experience that it took a year to put together. Don't miss out!

The Preacher Is On A Top Secret Book Tour 

The Preacher is currently in the middle of a top secret book tour to promote The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins, the companion novel that goes with our new album The Terminator vs. The Preacher. The book tour is not on social media, the tour dates will not be listed online. Full analog, real human connections to promote the book. A new section is being worked on for the Official Droid Killer site called The Preacher's Pulpit. This is where The Preacher will mention special interactions from the book tour and provide unique insights into life, the living connection, and more. The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins is available direct through our online store here: https://droidkiller.net/product/866276

The book is also available at The Roasting House and Clementine & Huckleberry's in Virginia City, NV.

If your store is interested in carrying the book or other Droid Killer merchandise featuring the awesome, hand painted artwork of acclaimed Sci-Fi Artist Ryan T. Hancock please reach out to us via our contact page.

Thank You For Your Support.

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Forward Motion 

The Terminator vs. The Preacher merch for the album's debut is selling and our inventory is almost sold out on certain items, get your's while supplies last. Working on new things for 2024, new merch line, new music, new things are taking shape. If you write a review, let us know and we will post your Droid Killer reviews, interviews, etc. If you are looking to do an interview, use the contact page or reach out to Droid Killer so we can make it happen. Thank you to everyone spreading the word and supporting Droid Killer!

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Welcome to 2024! UPdates! 

We have arrived in 2024! The web site is being UPdated!

Included in that UPdate is that shipping is now included when you purchase The Terminator vs. The Preacher book or cassette! The Terminator vs. The Preacher merch bundles/packages still ship USPS Priority Mail or First Class International.

Medium and Large The Terminator vs. The Preacher shirts are almost sold out and when they are gone they are gone, so don't miss out on these limited edition items.

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The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins Available At Clementine & Huckleberry's 

The Droid Killer Historical Science Fiction novella The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins is available at the store Clementine & Huckleberry's in Virginia City. The book takes you into historic Virginia City taking you to the fire that burned Virginia City down in 1875 and into the mines and into the future battle where A.I. and the machines battle humans. Virginia City was the technology and wealth center of 150 years ago and that technology and wealth is what built up San Francisco and paved the way for today's technology and wealth center, Silicon Valley. If you visit Virginia City make sure to stop in and visit Clementine & Huckleberry's shop for art, books, and historical items!

Merch/Orders/Thank You! 

Much gratitude to everyone purchasing merch & supporting Droid Killer! Knowing YOU are having fun & enjoying The Terminator vs. The Preacher enough to spend those hard earned dollars stokes me out & makes all the hard work that went into this production worthwhile.

+The Preacher+

The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins UPdate! 

The companion novella for Droid Killer: The Terminator vs. The Preacher,

The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins just arrived and is in stock and ready to ship!

If you enjoy Frank Herbert, William Gibson, or Louis L'Amour, you will love the companion book for the album The Terminator vs. The Preacher! Lots of easter eggs & mystical levels in the novella!


Limited Edition of 100! Get your's while supplies last!

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