The Preacher Is On A Top Secret Book Tour

The Preacher is currently in the middle of a top secret book tour to promote The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins, the companion novel that goes with our new album The Terminator vs. The Preacher. The book tour is not on social media, the tour dates will not be listed online. Full analog, real human connections to promote the book. A new section is being worked on for the Official Droid Killer site called The Preacher's Pulpit. This is where The Preacher will mention special interactions from the book tour and provide unique insights into life, the living connection, and more. The Terminator vs. The Preacher: Origins is available direct through our online store here:

The book is also available at The Roasting House and Clementine & Huckleberry's in Virginia City, NV.

If your store is interested in carrying the book or other Droid Killer merchandise featuring the awesome, hand painted artwork of acclaimed Sci-Fi Artist Ryan T. Hancock please reach out to us via our contact page.

Thank You For Your Support.

+Stay Tuned+

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